Tiggiwinkles Room

The Tiggiwinkles Room

3 months to 12 months (approx.)

The Tiggiwinkles Room is situated at the rear of the Nursery and is the base room for up to 9 babies. We are registered to take babies aged from 12 weeks. Transitions from the Tiggiwinkles Room to the Benjamin Bunnies Room begin between the ages 10 to 12 months, dependent on the individual child.


The ratio of staff to baby is a minimum of 1:3. The staff members are:

Daisy Walker

NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Education

Room Leader, full time Monday through to Friday

Joshua Wilson

Level 3 Childcare and Education

Key Practitoner, full time Monday through to Friday


The Room

The Tiggiwinkles room is a carpeted area with a divided area for sleeping, it is set out with soft furnishings to feel homely and inviting.  The room is well resourced with a black, white and red area for our youngest children, low level, open storage units to enable the babies to access toys or books of their choice.  There are also always natural resources available, such as baskets of wooden items or shiny things for the babies to explore.

We have a variety of sitting aids for the babies to help them grow and develop, from a swing chair, bouncer, and a standing activity circle, with supportive seat.  The walls and dividers are filled with photographs of the babies playing within the room and also in our nursery garden.

Each baby has a routine sheet, clearly displayed within the room, to enable all staff to know each child’s routine, as within this room we follow each individual routine rather than a structured nursery routine.  All babies are individuals and are able to eat when hungry, sleep when tired and play when feeling energetic. Dirty or very wet nappies are changed straight away, not left to the appointed times.

The sleep area houses four full size cots (in addition to this we do have several travel cots), each baby has their own cot and each time they go to bed they have clean sheets.  The baby’s bags are kept by the sleep area so that each baby’s snuggle/dummy/comforter is close by.  Whilst sleeping the babies are checked at ten minute intervals by the team, these checks are recorded on our daily routine sheets.


The babies are offered cooled, boiled water regularly throughout the day, they also have water or milk at snack and meal times.


As a nursery it is our policy to provide all milk and formula for the children in our setting, all feeding utensils and bottles are steam sterilised every day and the team are scrupulous regarding hygiene.  All of the team are qualified with  Food Hygiene and as a business we score 5 out of 5 with the local Environmental Health Team.

If you are breast feeding your baby you can provide us with your bottles each morning for us to keep refrigerated until your baby is ready for their feed.


Our nursery provides your child with all their meals for the day.  All food is prepared and cooked on the premises by one of our two cooks, who have both worked at the setting since 2002!  When your baby is ready to start trying foods please let the team know and they will accommodate with making fruit and vegetable purees, introducing different tastes as you discuss daily how things are progressing. Once your child is ready they will then eat the full nursery menu, including morning and afternoon snacks.


Please dress your baby in comfortable, warm and easily removable clothing.  You will need to have at least three complete changes of clothes in their nursery bag in case of leakages one way or other!  We recommend that ALL CLOTHING IS LABELLED and not any item that you are worried about getting messy!

In the winter your baby will need an “all in one” suit, hat, gloves and extra padders for outdoor wear.  In the summer they will need a sun hat and a clearly labelled bottle of sun cream of factor 50 or above.

As they grow and start to walk they will also need indoor shoes/slippers and wellies for outdoors.


If your child has a special comforter please ensure this comes into nursery each day.


It is our policy to provide disposable nappies, wipes and sudo cream, if you are using other nappies and do not wish to use the nurseries supplies you will need to ensure that there is always a full supply in your babies nursery bag.

Staff use gloves and aprons when changing nappies and the changing mat is cleaned thoroughly between each change.  There is a wash hand basin within the nappy room with hand soap, and hands are washed between each nappy and also we have hand sanitizer’s throughout the nursery which the staff use in between each change.


Babies suffer with teething in different ways, please ensure that you let the team know each day when you drop your baby off, how they are, in particular if you think they might experience discomfort during the day due to teething.  If necessary you could sign in some teething granules or pain relief to make them more comfortable during their day.


If your baby is unwell enough to not be able to cope with a normal nursery day, please keep them with you at home.  If your baby has an infectious disease then it is very important that you notify the nursery manager and keep your child away from nursery for the allotted time, dependant on which illness your child has.  If your child has been prescribed medication for an illness they will need to stay away from nursery for 48 hours, the same is the case for sickness and diarrhoea.

What happens if your child becomes ill during the nursery day?  We will contact you and ask you to come and collect your child if they are not well enough to be at nursery, this could be because of a high temperature, maybe a rash or that they are just not well enough to be here.


Nursery is willing to administer medicine if necessary. You must complete a medication form in the office each morning to authorise us to do this.  Any medication is administered by a member of management and observed by a second member of the team.


We record all accidents on an accident record form, if you child is hurt or injured in any way during the day you will be asked to sign the form when you collect that day.  Also if your child has an accident at home we ask you to let us know.  If your child incurs an injury to the head we will notify you during the day and also send home some helpful information for you to use at home.


As you will be aware the only time that nursery closes is on bank holidays and 5 working days between Christmas and new year, if you are on holiday outside of these times we ask that you let us know, so that we are clear on numbers for catering purposes.


This is vitally important to us, please ensure you pass on information each morning and likewise we will do the same at the end of each day.  We complete a day sheet for your child every day, telling you details of your child’s day with us.

We email newsletters regularly and hard copies are available in the nursery reception, please help yourselves.

We also have parents evening throughout the year, when you book an appointment with your child’s key person, this is to have an update on their progress and for you to update us on the things they get up to at home!

Checklist for you nursery bag

3 changes of clothes Comforters Coat Hat Gloves Outdoor footwear
Sun hat Sun cream Slippers Outdoor suit Changes of pants* 2 photos of your child


*if necessary